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Toro Wines Do

Toro Wines Do

The beginning
Toro wines have a long tradition. Its origins predate the settlement of the Romans and crossed the ocean by the hand of Columbus.

In the Middle Ages it was considered a highly appreciated good, being granted royal privileges that allowed its commercialization in cities where the sale of other wines was forbidden.

Royal cellars and ships that would reach the lands of the New World were filled with these wines.

A journey through History through Toro Wines
Before the Romans
The origin of Toro wines dates back to before the Roman settlements.
Middle Ages
The Wines of Toro royal privileges. Reaching even the New World
XIX Century
Exported in large quantities to make up for the lack of wine caused by phylloxera.
In a Decree of the II Republic Toro is recognized as a Denomination of Origin.
Year of the foundation of the current D.O. Toro.

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