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Loughrea Medieval Festival 24-26 August 2018
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Loughrea Medieval Festival 24-26 August 2018

Heart of Spain had the opportunity to make its products known  at  the ample display of the European gastronomic heritage which took place during the fifth edition of the Loughrea Medieval Festival. This event has been elected as one the Small Towns Big Ideas projects and it is one of the emblems within the different programs that make up the Galway European  Culture Capital project of 2020. It was therefore a privilege to take part in it. This event took place at the Loughrea Hotel & Spa Rooftop Garden on Athenry Road and was attended by more than 15000 people.

The purpose of this festival is to foster activities that are enjoyable. It achieves this  with a program that is varied, fun and intergenerational in spirit, designed to attract peoples of all ages. Guests are invited to dress up in historical garments and to take part in events organised around a medieval theme. These interactive activities will involve guests in activities that range from  workshops, heritage displays, different forms of medieval combat and weapons exhibitions to concerts and gastronomic encounters. In this way an opportunity is offered to understand the cultural similarities and differences between Ireland and the invited nations. This will enhance mutual understanding and stretch bonds in an event that is fun and both educational and family-orientated.

One important element of this medieval encounter is food. As a central part of any collective celebration  that brings together all sorts of cultures, this year's theme was the following: " A taste of the past: exploring our European connections". For this purpose, different events were held from the 24th to the 26th of August in which different aspects of Irish gastronomic history were explored, together with the historical connections with the gastronomy of other European countries such as Spain and Hungary.

Through shared samples, culinary demonstrations and get-togethers, the festival explored the cultures of different gastronomic traditions that have connected Irish idiosyncrasy with those of other regions of the world with which there are points in common. Heart of Spain was actively involved by displaying and providing our cured meats, cheese & marmalades and we will keep collaborating by keep bringing our products in future editions.

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